We help schools, businesses and other organizations re-open safely by providing COVID-19 testing for students, parents, employees and customers. 

Committed to creating COVID-19 safety zones

Community Labs is a nonprofit organization, with the following schools, businesses and organizations enrolled in COVID-19 screening.



covid-19 safety zones

Community Labs Success Stories

Somerset ISD

Somerset ISD was this first school district in the San Antonio area to enroll in asymptomatic Community Labs testing. The school district has tested over 1,600 students and staff so far. Overall attendance has increased during the testing initiative giving parents, students and staff peace of mind.


“We’ve gone from 40% attendance to 60% attendance and we think that’s because parents feel safe with sending their kids back to school.”

- Sal Webber, President of Community Labs

Santikos Entertainment

Santikos Enterprises is using Community Labs to test its roughly 300 employees for COVID-19 weekly. The testing is helping Santikos keep employees and moviegoers safe.

"We believe it's the right thing to do to ensure our employees have the safest environment possible, and that our guests are coming in to the healthiest staff possible."

- Tim Handren, CEO for Santikos

The RK Group

The RK Group is a national leader in culinary and hospitality services, as well as contracted venue management. They were one of the first businesses to enroll in assurance testing in San Antonio.

“Over the past 74 years the RK Group has remained a leader in food safety and service. With the help of Community Labs we've continued that tradition...”

- Jamie Kowalski, The RK Group

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